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Why Use Air Purifiers In Your Home?

Living in the suburbs can be comfortable and classy for most people but it can never compare to country living where there is plenty of fresh air. Most people who are city bred are more exposed to airborne diseases compared to those who live in the country.

There are people who would rather breathe the clean country air, although their lifestyles and careers prevent them from doing so. There are however plenty of ways and means to remedy this and to create a semblance of country living,

One such common remedy to imitate clean air is to use home purifiers and air cleaners in the comfort of one’s home. Home air purifiers generally improve the quality of air you breathe as it removes substances like cigarette smoke, allergens, bacteria, chemical vapors and other irritants that can cause asthma and other chronic diseases.

People who can afford the cost of installing a central home purifier should do so because it can offer healthy living options for the family members wherever they are. Aside from protecting the entire household, a centralized air purifier is also less noisy compared to a room purifier. While it can be more expensive, centralized home purifiers are most cost effective as compared to installing one air purifier for each room.

Air purifier systems with more technologies to offer are better because it offers benefits to the user. Experts prefer the hepa air purifiers as they are proven to be 99.99 percent efficient in removing air contaminants. The hepa air filter removes pollen, bacteria and other allergens form the air and do not release them back into the air again. However, hepa air filters are not capable of removing smoke, or cigarette odors from the room as well as very small particles.

Most homeowners who use hepa air filters use other technologies like ionizers, activated carbon filter and ozone generators to maximize their air purifiers. Ionizers allow the smallest particles to attach, making them large enough to be captured by the air filter. Activated carbon filters help the hepa air purifier in capturing cigarette smokes and other fumes.

While it can cost more than a centralized home purifier, individual air purifiers are more effective in purifying a single room. You should not fall for claims that portable purifiers can purify the entire house because these purifiers are basically used for a single room only.

If you are concerned about costs, you should be wary on the wattage of the air purifiers you use because an air purifier with a wattage level of 100 or over can add as much as $100 to your annual electricity cost. Those with high wattages can also be noisier than air purifiers with small wattages.

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