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12 Stylish Ideas for Your Mudroom

Entryway Ideas

Your mudroom is the area in your home that’s keeping your dirty shoes, your bulky outerwear, and pet accessories organized. Create a functional and chic mudroom with these tips.

There were also pictures of the dining room. My daughter insisted that the dining table that was featured in the photo was still in the basement level of the home. When they bought the home they agreed that the articles that were in the basement and attic could stay. The items were covered in dust and spider webs. My daughter and I went into the basement and found that the old dining room table was there. When it was replaced as a dining table it was moved into the basement to serve as a supply table. For years canned goods and other things had been stored on the table. My daughter found a furniture refinisher to work on the table. We also found two pieces of the wicker furniture in the basement. It was badly deteriorated, but the furniture refinisher said that he knew of a man that would be able to repair it.

My daughter and her husband have spent two years looking at antique stores and estate sales. They have found six dining room chairs that match the table. They will continue to look for the other four to complete that set. They have found the wicker furniture, but are now looking for retro fabrics for the cushions. The house is an on going project, but it is bringing them a great deal of joy working on it.

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