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7 DIY Dollar Store Hacks #refrigeratororganizationideas

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7 DIY Dollar Store Hacks Wondering how to arrange fridge at home? The Dollar Store is the perfect place to start within cheap and budget friendly options that will make your fridge look amazing. #refrigeratororganizationideas

Women Spring Into Home Improvement Projects

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Warm-weather season is an ideal time to learn how to use power tools and start much-needed home improvement projects. It is becoming more common to hear that women are finishing DIY projects without calling a professional or waiting for their husbands.

While DIY projects are not new, the amount of time women spend doing them is. With the onset of do-it-yourself television shows and magazines, more and more women feel confident in their abilities to handle home improvement projects themselves. In fact, many home improvement centers report a greater percentage of women purchasing power tools and supplies. And recent research shows that the two most popular power tool purchases by women are cordless drills and sanders.

Generally speaking, women enjoy taking on DIY projects to enhance their current surroundings or prepare it for new uses. User-friendly tools and supplies, as well as knowledgeable resources dedicated to home improvement projects, can easily be found today. As a result, women find they are willing to take on DIY projects themselves.

Not only are home improvement projects empowering, but oftentimes they are also necessary. As Heidi Baker and Eden Jarrin, the “Janes” of Be Jane, Inc., point out, they both took on projects in their own homes because they did not have the money to hire someone to do it for them.

Increasingly, women are looking for more knowledge on power tools and DIY projects. For those who are not familiar with how power tools work, Skil Power Tools product manager Christelle Imhof suggests starting “with smaller, easier-to-handle tools and then work your way up. For instance, when looking for a cordless drill, start out with a 12V; once you’re use to it, graduate to a more powerful tool.”

Mother’s Day can be an ideal time to give a loved one a power tool that will not only increase her confidence, but also help her build those backyard planters she’s wanted for years. Plenty of Web sites provide step-by-step instructions to get started.

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